Helping people become independent

Community Adolescent Programs (CAP)

ACT Together's Community Adolescent Programs (CAP) work flexibly with young people through Case Management and as practical support in Out-Of-Home Care, with an emphasis on independent living and education, training and employment.

We encourage young people to set their own goals and we work in partnership to achieve them.


1.  Young people are the experts in their own lives
2.  Mutual respect governs the working relationship
3.  Person centred, holistic planning
4.  Promotion of independence
5.  Flexible and holistic support
6.  Empower, engage and enable young people to self-manage
7.  We don’t give up on young people, it may take a few attempts!

Hear from our young people

The Community Adolescent Program (CAP,) is changing the way Canberra supports its young care leavers into independence. Hear from some of our young people's experience and support they receive in our CAP programs.

Our Community Adolescent Programs

Below is a list of programs we have to support our young people towards becoming more independent.

  • Our CAP Outreach Program
    Provides case management support for young people in Out-Of-Home Care with an emphasis on building on young people's capacity for independent living and exploring housing options.

  • Our CAP Housing Program
    Provides housing options for young people transitioning from care to independent living.

  • Our CAP Aftercare Support Program
    Provides additional support for young people aged 18-25 years who have previously been in Out-Of-Home Care and are needing more support than what is available within the community. After care support is approved by CYPS on an individual basis.

  • Continuum of Care
    Is a subsidy payment for a set period of time for eligible young people in foster or kinship care placements (18-21 years) while they remain and are supported by their carers as they transition to independence.

  • Transition to Independent Living Allowance (TILA)
    This is an allowance to be used for a range of support services (like housing and transport) as well as training and education materials for eligible young people aged 15-25 years who are leaving care or who have been in care.

More information 

You can find more detailed information on our Community Adolescent Programs (CAP) in the brochures below or call ACT Together on (02) 6110 2200 or email: