We dispell some common myths about foster care

1.  Every child in need of foster care has problems

They don't.
They are children who need a safe home and the protection of stable adults who care. Most carers will tell you that children in care have complex needs because of the trauma they have endured and that you need to be able to support them but they are no less or more naughty than other kids around them.

2.  You will only ever care for a child in the short term

This is not always the case.
We offer short and long term foster care options in the Canberra region - see foster care options

3.  I can’t foster because I’m gay

Not true!
We have plenty of same sex couples that foster: single carers, older carers, carers of different ethnic backgrounds and religions, carers with children, carers who have never had children. Your sexuality, race, religion, age or parenting experience will not be what we consider it will be whether you have a child’s best interest as first priority. Here Stacey and Sarah's foster care story here.

4.  It’s easy to do, anyone can do it

It’s not as easy as you think.
Foster care requires patience during times of uncertainty, court processes and time management skills to juggle the support needs of the children in your care but it will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

5. Children will have little to no contact with their birth family

They will.
You will play a crucial role in helping the child maintain a relationship with their parents and extended family. You need to be open and willing to assist this process but we don’t expect you to do this alone from the beginning. This is a relationship that will develop over time.

6.  It’s pretty much the same as adoption.

It’s not.
In the first instance, we try our best to return children to their family but where that is not possible we will be looking for concurrent/long term carers so children do not have to move from one placement to another.

7.  I can’t foster because I work

Yes you can!
Ask yourself how many parents you know who work, and there are many that work full time too (Carers may be requested to have some time off work to integrate the child into your home, affording the child and yourself the opportunity to start the process of attachment, the foundation of a successful placement.)

8.  Foster carers are super human!

They’re not.
And they aren’t super parents. They are regular people who want to help a child and are supported by a care team to help them with the children for whom they care. Meet some of our carers here.

9.  You need to be wealthy

You do need to be financially stable. However you don’t have to own your own house, have a highly paid job or be a double income family.

10.  It’s a difficult process to become a foster carer

It isn’t.
It does involve several steps but it is only the steps required to make sure you are ready to foster a child.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about becoming a foster carer call us on 1300 WEFOSTER (1300 933 678) or fill out our carer enquiry form.