Children in care in the ACT header stats

In the ACT there are 803 children in care due to issues of abuse and neglect.

That’s 1 child in every classroom that will be in need of care and protection.*

It only takes 1 adult to make all the difference.

Could you be the one to help?

Baby Grace

Could you care for baby Grace?

We are looking for a concurrent carer with the possibility of becoming a forever home for baby Grace if she cannot be restored to her birth mum. She does require support for medical needs for her breathing and feeding but she is making great improvements every day, sleeping and engaging well in a crisis placement.

*Names and images changed to protect child's privacy


Could you be the support Xander needs?

Xander is a little boy with a disability who needs consistent care givers and predictable daily routines. He is well supported through disability education, paediatric support and monthly respite (one weekend a month). He is learning to ride his bike without training wheels and loves bubbles and jumping.

*Names and images changed to protect child's privacy


Could you offer stability for Thomas?

Thomas is a lively teen, who loves to play soccer, ride his bike, kick a footy and swim. He has a cheeky grin and is still a little boy who needs nurturing. He attends school full time and is building his peer group. We’re looking for a long term carer who can show him that they will stick by him and not give up.

*Names and images changed to protect child's privacy


Could you be the one for these siblings?

These three siblings need a forever home. The oldest sister is a born performer and loves cheer-leading, dance and gymnastics. The middle brother is sweet and sporty, and enjoys silly jokes, cars and soccer. The youngest brother is a happy 23 month old who is into everything. All three are at school and daycare.

*Names and images changed to protect children's privacy

If you think you could be the one to make a difference for a child like Xander, baby Grace or Thomas then call us on 1300 WEFOSTER or fill out our carer enquiry form.