Could you be the one to help?

This information has been prepared to assist those who are thinking about becoming foster carers for ACT Together. These profiles allow you to consider the types of children and young people who are currently requiring foster care in the act, however are not specific profiles of an individual child or young person currently in care.

Claire 10 year old girl

14-year-old Claire

Claire is a 14-year-old young person who is learning who they are. Claire’s life experiences have meant that she didn’t always have a trusted adult who she could shadow to help her with her knowledge of who she wants to be.

Claire wants an adult who can be her mentor and confidant, someone she can have respite with but also talk about life with.

*Names and images changed to protect children's privacy

Baby Ari 2 months old

Baby Ari

Ari is a two-month-old boy who is in need of a concurrent carer who is able to care for him while supporting a restoration home to his parents or kin, while also willing to provide permanent care should this not be possible.

Ari needs carers who are willing and able to support his cultural needs as his cultural identity is explored.

*Names and images changed to protect children's privacy

Siblings Jace and Josh brothers

Siblings Jace and Josh

Jace (6) and Josh (9) are siblings who are currently in crisis care, requiring concurrent carers who are willing to support their very busy personalities.

Jace and Josh have met lots of different foster carers since entering out of home care and although they have had fun meeting new people they really want to be able to have a home that is theirs and rooms to themselves.

The boys get along with animals and enjoy a puppy cuddle or two, and they like to play games with other kids, but they would do really well in a home with older children and carers who were willing to spend time out and about with them enjoying the sites of Canberra and burning of their ample energies.

*Names and images changed to protect children's privacy

Scotty 10 year old boy

10-year-old Scotty

Scotty is a 10-year-old boy who has experienced a lot during his life, Scotty has had to move to different crisis homes awaiting his forever family. The courts have determined that Scotty cannot return to the care of his parents and he needs foster parents who can share their home until he is an adult and ready to move to independence.

ACT Together are looking for carers who can be safe adults for Scotty and become strongly engaged in his Aboriginal culture.

Scotty would like someone to be able to play board games and PlayStation with, someone who will take him to the skate parks and someone who wants to spend quality time with him.

*Names and images changed to protect children's privacy

Beth 6 year old girl

6-year-old Beth

Beth is a 6-year-old girl who is currently in a short term placement with ACT Together but requires her forever home.

Beth giggles when she hears her carers voices, and enjoys spending time with her siblings who live in other homes. Beth has a lifelong-disability which means she needs full time care.

Beth needs long-term carers who have a background in disability care or who are willing to undertake trainings to support her ongoing medical needs. Carers who are not confronted by changing, showering and maneuvering her as needed, and carers who are willing to help keep her connected to her family and support networks.

*Names and images changed to protect children's privacy

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